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tf80sfun's Journal

Transformers 80s Fun
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Transformers Cartoons, Comics & Toys from the 80s

Transformers 80s Fun
This community is to fill in the gap that tf2007fun has now left.
There are tons of Transformers communities out there and this one is to be a sort of sister community to the TF2007Fun crowd. As that particular community is so open and friendly, it is hoped that a lot of those members come across over here to spread their love of the earlier TF.
Welcome to tf80sfun. Before posting, please read the following rules:

General Rules
  1. This community is only for posting materials related to the Transformers universes listed:
    - G1 Cartoons and Comics (inc the 1986 movie)
    - G2
    - Armada, Energon, Cybertron
    - Robots in Disguise
    - All comics related to the above categories (IDW latest inc)

    Anything else will be deleted (this includes Movieverse, Movieverse comics, Transformers Animated, Beast Wars). Cross overs are all right if the focus is on the allowed universe in this comm (i.e. Movie!Starscream in G1 universe yes, but, G1!Prowl in Movieverse should not be directed here)

  2. Respect your fellow members.

  3. No foul language, harassing, bullying, trolling etc. You'll be banned.

  4. No 'hate-crime' / slanderous icons without warning. The same goes with 'non-work safe' images.

  5. Tag your entries and let a mod know if there is a tag you'd like added.

  6. Do not advertise here without posting something related to the community (discussion point, graphics, drabble, etc)

  7. Do not disable commenting since that's how mods contact you if something is wrong. Disabling comments will get your post deleted.

  8. Adult content must have a clear WARNING on it (this community has been set to having adult content, but only the mid level, not the highest level, so please have discretion when posting adult content)

  9. 'Spamming' posts - keep related material made in one day in a single post, eg. 5 fan vids in one post rather than 5 separate ones.

Fanfiction Rules

Please use this header when posting your fanfiction. You can always add more information if you want. Remember to tag your entry!

Warnings and Disclaimers:
---story linked or under cut---

Graphics Rules
  1. When posting more than three icons, post them under a cut. Only three teaser icons per post.

  2. Teaser icons must ONLY be related to the community - you may post links to multi-fandom posts WITH WARNING [please no friends locked entries]

  3. Please don't post a long list of every icon. Just a short summary will do.

  4. Thumbnail large graphics. Images must not be over 250x250px in size. If they are, place them under an lj-cut.

  5. Video Embeds must be under an lj-cut

  6. I hope everyone will have fun in this community!
mod contact
If you have an issue with any of the posts here, please inform the mods in the page-a-mod service.

amidoh's email: ragged_moan@hotmail.com
fuzzy_ninja's email: saiyanprincesskg@hotmail.com

The other mods can be contacted via LJ's messaging service as well.

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Journal layout, profile table, user icon, and original rules were created by khallandra